Sikelia Service is a software and service company operating in the areas of banking automation, archiving, operative outsourcing and energy production from renewable sources. It offers logistic and IT services to banks, government and private agencies, health organisations, Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and freelancers. 

The company is a private joint-stock corporation founded in 1992, with offices in Milan, Rome, Palermo, Catania and Ragusa. It is also present with three representative offices, authorised resellers and system integrators in Spain, Russia and Nigeria.

Sikelia Service possesses a robust technological know-how and a customer experience vocation. It has a strong corporate philosophy that privileges continuous research and innovation activity, altogether with a strong attention for the market demands and trends.

Sikelia Service implements an integrated quality management system certified by the following business processes quality standards: ISO 9001, and at a later time OHSAS 18000. All instruments adhere to the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards, and the ISO 27001 certification mandates.
The company is also accredited within the Italian MePA (Public Administration Electronic Market), where it is present with its own catalogue of services for digital document management. Since 2016, Sikelia Service is also accredited by AgID (Agency for Digital Italy).

Member of ATMIA – ATM Industry Association since 2009. One of the company software solutions Newton – a platform for ATM monitoring and cash management – received the Microsoft Platform Ready certification.