Roy is an innovative virtual droid that redefines the frontier of health management, monitoring and cash management for ATMs and self-service devices.

ATM networks no longer require Help desk operators to perform efficiently! Roy is a virtual droid manager able to use a complex automated workflow, that proposes a full operational access on multiple networks and a bridging experience in monitoring towards banking innovation. Ensuring uptime operations, Roy enables the groundbreaking possibility of an operator-free Help desk driven by human supervision. Just one supervisor for any size ATM network!

Roy helps ATM network owners to obtain a more cost-effective management and an incisive end-user experience. While the process effectiveness of the network remains undiminished, the operational costs experience a consistent reduction.

Multivendor, multiprotocol, and multilingual, it runs on a multiple fed database and it allows the geolocalisation of the devices. Roy maximises the analysis of the performances thanks to a comprehensive and interactive data visualisation dashboard.

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