Multi-vendor in the age of banks’ optimisation processes

Today Banks aim to a software-based approach for the optimisation of processes and for a better resources management. Furthermore, the transformation of the digital scenario favored the birth of new technological solutions that answer market needs in constant evolution. Just starting from the market needs it comes up one of the key point, which outlines a new trend in the ATM Banking Automation world is multivendor software.

Multivendor ATM applications take advantage of the XFS standard and they offer the possibility to operate with a high level of compatibility on every hardware platform. So multivendor software is able to simplify the device management and it can share the same information and processes with all the other software already installed on the same device. A shared structure offers the chance to simplify the systems and processes management. The simplification of the ATM management has never been so much tangible as that.

A research done by RBR (Retail Banking Research) about the ATM multivendor software request from the market shows us how the use of these applications has doubled from 2007 to 2012 and it is expected to register a growth of up to the 75% before 2017. According to the RBR research, between the main reasons that have encouraged the multivendor software choice, there are for sure the easiness with whom the application can be integrated with other systems and within the Bank’s channels, the reduction on development costs, the possibility to extend the features without incurring in high costs, its independency from the hardware manufacturer and the improvement of the users’ experience. Another essential factor is security: the recent and innovative anti-virus and anti-malware solutions released by the international producers guarantee the adequate defence from the probable cyber-criminal attacks.

Multivendor software represent a flexible and smart kind of solutions for a top management which aims to improve a company’s efficiency. Manufacturer companies will satisfy their customers in a simply and efficient way. Choosing a multivendor solution it’s synonymous of savings because it allows to avoid further implementation and maintenance costs. This idea was considered an utopia just few years ago, today it has become a standard called Multivendor, an aim to reach for the achievement of the maximum efficiency in the age of the Bank’s optimization processes.

Sikelia Service started to conceive the idea of an innovative monitoring software releasing the first beta version in 2006. The first version of Newton was born, that in the following years would become a family of software each with specific features in the ATM monitoring field.
Sikelia Service was able since the beginning to understand the market needs configuring Newton as a multivendor software since its first concept. Its development in the following years outlined its own reliability and efficiency.
The actual application of Newton allowed to validate the reasons behind the RBR research that explains why a multivendor software is a successful choice. Newton is an independent software which was born by an independent company, Sikelia Service that was able, thanks to its products to sign successful partnerships in the Banking Automation market.

Its main architecture is agent-less and therefore independent from the hardware that has to be managed. The main architecture has been updated over the years with new functionalities, performed by a Newton_agent, which has been developed with XFS technologies and therefore it can be installed on every hardware, independently from the vendor.

Moreover, thanks to the experience gathered over the years, Sikelia Service has decided to develop a new multivendor software, totally dedicated to the cash management, named Stash. The application can manage the entire workflow of both withdrawal and delivery cash orders for each cash point of a retail organisation (Banck, GDO, etc.). It uses a sophisticated forecasting algorithm and it gives evidence of both cash flows and levels to the main actors involved in the entire managed workflow. It can also be easily integrated with the already existing accounting sub-systems.
If you are interested in this topic you can visit our dedicated page on Sikelia Service’s software to discover how to optimize your business activities.