Sikelia Service at DIG.EAT 10

Sikelia Service attended DIG.EAT 10, an Italian national event on digital innovation, organised by ANORC – National Association for Digital Preservation Officers and Operators.

This year the programme included four round-tables on the lead themes of Italian digital transformation. Guests and speakers of the scientific and cultural community shared news and visions on the diverse needs of each sector.  

Most recent e-Government evolutions were broadly analysed, leading to a markdown of the beneficial legislative and cultural implementations necessary to reach full digital efficiency – in dematerialisation and digital preservation – within public administration bodies.

Other debated themes were: invoicing B2B and e-Invoicing, personal data protection in e-Health and digital management for public contracts and the MePA.

Sikelia Service, as AgID Digital Preserver and digital outsourcer, follows closely the development of the regulations for the public administration digital transformation, in order to provide relevant services and solutions for dematerialisation, digital preservation and digital document management.