Cash withdrawals rising worldwide

According to the research firm RBR, ATM data suggest appetite for cash remains strong and grows at a fast rate: 2015 recorded 99 billion cash withdrawals. All regions were affected by an ATM transaction raise, but Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa presented the most notably growth by 16% and 8%, respectively. In Europe, Spain shows the positive sign as the country’s economy gained strength.

Branch renovation is booming and banking services are being made accessible to more users worldwide, but when cash demand is high ensuring a stable cash flow to/from ATMs is determining. The right cash management tool should fulfil and simplify the forecasting, monitoring and logistic process, as service success starts with backend efficiency.
ATM cash management is made simple by Newton CTM – Cash & Transaction Management, the web application by Sikelia Service that grants workflow and cost management optimisation.

Newton CTM is suitable for cash-in/out ATM and all cash counting and deposit devices, it manages the cash distribution securing maximum availability within a banking network. Thank to a proprietary forecasting algorithm and a clear supervision and administration modality, it organises all devices and relative cash orders in an integrated environment.

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