Newton is a software platform composed of three different independent web applications – Newton AMS, Newton CTM and Newton RDP – based on a common feeding system and database environment. It is multi-protocol and vendor-independent.


Newton AMS – ATM Monitoring System

It is a software platform for ATM and kiosk networks monitoring and management, also applicable to other automatic cash devices (teller-safes and cash-retails). It speeds up the back-to-work processes, thanks to its outright automatic actions. Newton AMS breaks the vicious loop of failure-led maintenance processes, by playing an active role in resolving problems using a direct dialogue with the ATM.

It is a multilingual and multivendor application. Thank to its multi-protocol profile, each device status is verified simultaneously by multiple sources; and it is a monitoring system independent from the monitored devices. Security architecture is a distinctive characteristic of Newton AMS, altogether with maximum achievable monitoring accuracy; this ensures a high level of information security. It is adaptable to the single customer’s access standards and preferences.

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Newton CTM – Cash & Transaction Management

A web application for the cash management of  ATM networks and other automatic cash devices, it manages the complete cash flow allowing to reach maximum efficiency in terms of cash availability. Cash points and their related orders can be monitored and managed in a single environment.

Newton CTM provides a single real time view on cash movements and balances for all banking devices. It guarantees maximum cash points’ efficiency, and channels functionality for ATMs inside and outside the branch. It rationalises cash levels and optimises cash transportation logistics, reducing idle money and transit costs. Thanks to its proprietary forecasting algorithm – certified by the University of Palermo, Italy – it estimates the cash requirements of each cash-point, and it feeds the automatic orders generation to grant optimal cash availability in the ATMs, according to the user’s settings.

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Newton RDP – Retail Dashboard Portal

An hyper-desk for managers for top managers, to check the operational performances of the ATM system – from fleet overview to single machine, also with precise geolocalisation – and generate reports on cash management.

Newton RDP grants direct access to performances information of ATMs, and enables real time investigations on the efficiency and functionality standards of the system. 

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